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Super Easy English unit 1 At the University of Calgary

1. Hey everyone, how’s it going, Azen the Language Nerd here
2. Hope you are very very well!
3. Welcome to an episode of Super Easy English!
4. Today we’re at the University of Calgary and what we’re going to do is I am going to show you some different parts of our campus, some of the different buildings, some of the different things that we have here and hopefullly you can learn some new words and get some pratice with your listening comprehesion.
With that aside, let’s go!
5. I want to take a minute to show you something which is pretty important on our campus, or rather it is something that is very well known which is this guy.
6. We call this “ The Rock ”.
7. We call it this because, obviously, this is a rock.
8. A very wet rock right now, because it’s raining outside
9. But this rock is actually more paint than it’s rock.
10. Every year, student will paint something on this rock and they have done that for many many many many years.
11. So at first, the rock was very small.
12. But, every year when you paint, and paint, paint again…
13. The rock becomes, the rock becomes very very big.
14. And now the rock is huge, it’s a very very big rock.
15. This rock…very small. This rock…very big! Very huge.
16. So this building here is one of my favourite, favourite buildings.
17. This is a building where I spent a lot of time.
18. So currently I am on the second floor.
19. The 2nd floor is basically where you will find a lot of the Asian Language Departments
20. So Chinese language like Mandarin, you might find Japanese
21. A lot of Asian laguages.
22. If we go up one floor, if we take, come with me… if we take the elevator
23. If you take a elevator and we go up one floor, we will get to the part of the building with more the Romance languages.
24. So French, Spanish, Italian. This building also has many of the offices for Arabic, and linguistics, and many different language types of courses and many different language types of programs.
25. When I studied at the UofC, the University of Calgary
26. I received, or I got my major in French and Spanish
27. So this building here which is called.. you can see it up there “Craigie Hall”, and this is specifically “Craigie Hall C”
28. But Craigie Hall is where I spent lots and lots and lots and lots of time  because many of courses were in this building.
29. Well everyone, that’s everything for today. If you have any questions about the words I used in the video any topic suggestions, anything at all. Write them in the comments below and I make sure that I go in and answer every single one of you, or as many as I can.
30. Thank you again for watching.
31. And we will take later. Bye for now, see you!