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Easy English unit 9 Typical Namibian


BÀI PHỎNG VẤN 1- We’re with EES and today we want to present to another episode of Namibian english. 
English as it is spoken in Namibia. 
2-Yeah. EES, what is today’s question? 
3-Today we have a really cool question and we wanna ask the people. What is typically Namibian. 
4-Because all of you out there. 
5-We want to show you how beautiful and how cool Namibia. 
6-Is the maybe we will see you in Namibia one day. 
7-So let’s go and ask the people what is typical Namibia. 
8-The answers will be heavy! What do you think typical Namibia? 
9-Typical Namibia, The desert. 
10-Where we have oldest desert in the world, right? 
11-People are very humble, yes, humble, honest, yeh. 
12-And peole work hard to survive. 
13-That is the things admire me the most, yeah. 
14-From bottom of my heart, That’s why I love Namibia. 
15-And there is a wonderful place to stay here. 
16-The fact that Namibians are really simple people and most of them, I think they’re into culture like the different the vernaculars of the Oshiwambo, Damara whatsoever, you can always tell that this person is Damara, this one is Herero, and this one is Oshiwambo.

 17-Sometimes the hospitality, especially when err… when the town is full. 
18-Typical Namibian is cleanliness of our country and people doesn’t change a lots of things and they always eat, err, what it coming from Namibia. 
19-And that’s why I like about our people. 
20-What do you think is typical Namibia? 
21-Typical Namibian? Oh my gosh, there are so many things that are Namibian. 
22-You can start, we’re walking, you can just let loose. 
23-This is typical Namibian. Cause I’m in a hurry and then you stopped me. 
24-And yeh, one thing about Namibian culture is like we’re free and like ok, many people don’t really keep their cultures and traditions but at the same time, they keep it within them no matter where they go it still shows, like, really this is how it should be, just to keep it alive, you know that’s typical Namibian for me, you know, it’s just being me and not forgeting where I come from. 
25-Typical Namibia to me, err… you know, we have, err, different landscape, vegitation, desert, sea, you know, that’s to me, I feel… so the landscape is for you. 
26-– that unique, the only (thing) that you refines Namibia.

present: tặng, món quà
wanna: muốn (làm gì đó)
typically: điển hình
typical: điển hình
heavy: nặng
desert: sa mạc
oldest: cũ nhất
humble: khiêm tốn
honest: thật thà
survive: tồn tại
bottom: đáy, dưới
heart: tim
wonderful: tuyệt vời
the fact: điểm
simple: đơn giản
culture: văn hóa
vernaculars: ngôn ngữ bản xứ
hospitality: hiếu khách
especially: đặc biệt là
let loose: thả lỏng
Cause: vì
in a hurry: đang vội
traditions: truyền thống
alive: sống động
landscape: phong cảnh
vegitation: thảm thực vật
unique: độc nhất
refines: định nghĩa