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Talking to people in London Easy English 4

Where are you from?
I’m from Australia
I’m originally from Macedonia.
I’m from the southwest of England in the UK.
America, upstate New York.
New York.
I’m from the States originally.
From Pennsylvania.
I’m from the northwest of England but I live in London.
What do you like the most about London?
I love how diverse it is.
I think you can walk out your door everyday and find something completely different to do without having a plan!
Yes, similar!
Yeah! It’s varied, it’s like hundred different cities in London which I really like.
It’s like a confederation of places and just the world is your oyster.
The shops.
Best museum.  Best way of learning, you know in terms of  Scholastically.  It’s just, London is, you know, the capital of the world.
Originally: gốc gác
 the southwest: Tây Nam
the UK: Liên hiệp vương quốc Anh
like the most about: thích nhất về
upstate: ngoại ô
 the States: nước Mỹ
Pennsylvania: tên một tiểu bang nước Mỹ
Northwest: tây bắc
Diverse: đa dạng, phong phú ( = varied)
Completely: hoàn toàn
Different: khác biệt
have a plan: có kế hoạch
it’s like: cứ như là
a confederation: liên hiệp, liên minh
oyster: con hàu
museum: viện bảo tàng
in terms of : về mặt, về lĩnh vực
Scholastically: giáo dục, sách vở

Capital: thủ đô

ĐOẠN PHỎNG VẤN (1:00-2:30)
I love the hustle and bustle for it.
Just, there’s always something going on.
And if you’re interested
You can find out interesting to go to
Yeah, same. There’s lots to do, and people come from all over the world.
You can meet interesting people.
What do I like the most about London?
The diversity…
So, in LonDon…
I grew up in London, and I left London at 18, and I was the first time that
I ever sort of experienced, like
I don’t know.
Racism, which when I sort of first left London.
Like here you grow up, and you’re just surrounded by it constantly
And growing up in sort of environment, is incredible.
I think it’s something that you take for granted if you live in London.
Because, There’s nowhere else in the world quite like it I gusse.
It’s just so may different kinds of people, everywhere.
The fact that is cosmopolitan, there’s lots of different ethnic group.
The weather.
It’s fantastic.
No, it’s a very beautiful city, lots of things to do.
Places like Portobello Market, the food is amazing as well, and lots of different cultures.
What would I recommend them to do?
First of all, they have to do their research.
It’s a massive city; you can easily get lost, frightened, imtimidated, not have a good time, then go home having had quite poor experiences.
So you have to learn.
You know? You have to do your research, where you wanna go, which part, east, west, whatever, whatever, do some research, get stuck in.


Hustle: hối hả
Bustle: nhộn nhịp
going on: đang xảy ra
diversity: sự đa dạng
grew up: đã lớn lên
left: đã rời bỏ
sort of experienced: từng trải
Racism: phân biệt chủng tộc
Surrounded: được bao quanh
Constantly: liên tục
Environment: môi trường
Incredible: đáng kinh ngạc
take for granted: ban cho
cosmopolitan: khắp thế giới
fantastic: tuyệt diệu
recommend: nhắc nhở, gợi ý
ethnic groups: các nhóm dân tộc